Printed Material Assembly and Kit Packaging

Kit assembly line

We Finish the Job

If We Produce It, We Can Finish It Too

Not only can we fulfill all your printing needs, we can also provide you with the service to assemble, kit, and ship your materials across the country!

When your print order requires you to combine multiple printed products into new product kits, FifthColor team members are the complete solution.

If we produce it, we will put it together and package it into kits. We ship all over the U.S. and can ship kits to individual stores or the warehouse for fulfillment company of your choice (we have a recommendation for this too). We have experience in designing, printing, and packaging promotional kits for a variety of companies. No job is too difficult or too unique. We have the team and business partners for complete end-to-end solutions.

Champs Sports Kit

Key Points

Designing, printing, and packaging

Promotional kits

Influencer boxes

Ship your kits anywhere in the U.S.



Light Hand Assembly

Labeling Projects

1:1 Fulfillment

Efficient and Impactful

All Your Needs Under One Roof

By assembling multiple related items into a single package, we help your business remain efficient and organized.

Kit packing helps to streamline processes and cut down on storage costs in the long run. 

From trade show displays and welcome kits, to signage and instructional materials, our team has the tools to handle all of your needs under one roof. 

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