Powerful brand strategies crafted from data.

FifthColor brand strategies offer the most data-centered strategic roadmap to engage and activate your existing and potential customers. Your brand is more than a logo, tagline, and color scheme. Our immersive brand strategies are strategic business plans with extensive findings to help differentiate your brand from competitors, determine how to connect with your customers, and align your team toward a common goal.

Brand Immersion & Research

Business Audit & Research

The business audit and accompanying research include complete immersion and data gathering through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and marketing material audits. This includes your logo, package design, printed material, website, and more. This information gives a clear understanding of your company’s culture, customer perception, and current brand identity.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis is a comprehensive comparison of your position compared to your competitors, both current and aspirational. This comparison illustrates where you currently stand both in terms of brand identity and service offerings.

Traits & Wants

This analysis summarizes your customers’ and employees’ traits and wants based on interviews, surveys, and market research. These insights drive your marketing strategy based on their desires to help establish an emotional connection both internally and externally.

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) Analysis

The BAV statistical analysis developed by Young & Rubicam gives a data-driven analysis of your brand’s current position in the brand life cycle. It informs how you can better engage consumers based on measured elements that comprise your brand.

Through BAV analysis, our branding team measures your brand’s differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.

Brand's Future Potential

Differentiation + Relevance = Brand Strength

Brand's Past Performance

Esteem + Knowledge = Brand Stature

BAV Analysis pillars chart

Brand Positioning

Brand Pillars

The brand pillars are the internal and external foundational pillars of your business. These pillars are a concise understanding of your customers’ and employees’ wants and how your organization will fulfill them.

Points of Differentiation Analysis

The POD analysis’ data is used to understand what areas of your business are most valuable to use in your marketing message. The analysis also helps determine which strengths to highlight. All marketing is about differentiation, and this enables you to determine your most influential position in the marketplace.

Brand Personality

The brand personality is the defining characteristics of your brand persona. Essentially, if your brand were a person, what type of person would they be? This defined personality is used in conjunction with your voice and tone to communicate in a consistent and relevant way.

Creative Messaging

Brand Personas

The brand personas are fictional personas representative of each of your market segments to inform how you should communicate with members in each segment.

Brand Architecture

The brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organizational entity. The architecture is used to determine how the brands within a company’s portfolio are related to and differentiated from one another.

Style Recommendations

Our award-winning design team makes recommendations on logos, colors, and other collateral designs based on the findings from the brand strategy.

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