Our Commitment to Sustainability

“The key to making sustainability work is to embed it in your business strategy.”

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Greenguard Certified

From the start, FifthColor has been working to address our environmental impact. Our new state-of-the-art facility features highly efficient LED lighting, reclaimed wood for walls, desks, and coffee tables, recycled shipping containers, garbage compactors, and over 100 planted trees on the property. Beyond the facility, our green initiative educates and engages our employees to make sustainability part of our day-to-day operation.

“The key to making sustainability work is to embed it in your business strategy”

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The Data

Each company has a different level of impact on our environment, and while everyone’s green initiative may look different, together, it’s our job to create an expectation of sustainability to hold companies to their promises. Every company has a part to play, no matter the size, to reduce our carbon footprint and slow, or even reverse, our impact on the earth.

Print Practices

FifthColor specializes in quick-turn, high-quality large-format printing on nearly any rigid surface. Printing on plastics has become increasingly popular in the world of in-store displays and large format signage because of its durable nature. Transitioning from paper print, plastic is a long-lasting solution and holds up better for both indoor and outdoor use.

UV/LED Curing

Our UV press has played a key role in our reduction of VOCs because it uses UV-cured inks that are exposed to ultra-violet lights to dry immediately, minimizing the evaporation of solvents.

Soy-Based Ink

To reduce our contribution to air pollution and greenhouse gasses, our team at FifthColor uses SOY-based inks inside our facility. The switch to vegetable-based ink requires less volatile solvents and cleaning methods, allowing us to reduce our hazardous waste disposal by nearly 93%.

Sourcing Material

Our experts have worked in the print industry for over 30 years, and have the knowledge and connections to source our materials from environmentally conscious companies. Our products are 100% recyclable to meet your company’s green initiative.

Manufacturing Process

Beyond plastic and paper, our facility and manufacturing processes have been modernized to improve energy efficiency, cutting our usage in half.

Our Sustainable Space

In 2019, office buildings accounted for 28% of energy-related CO2 emissions.

Our sustainability strategy began long before building our facility because we knew we could dramatically reduce our energy consumption by changing how we built our new headquarters. As a data-driven organization, we did a lot of research before decorating our facility to determine spaces where we could maximize sustainability.

Recycled Products

Our team continually sources recycled products and reclaimed wood for raw materials, including conference tables, shipping containers, coffee tables, creative elements, and more.

Natural Lighting and Heat

Our facility is equipped with energy-efficient, LED lighting throughout the facility. Additionally, we installed floor to ceiling windows that allow for natural heating from the sun.

High-Density Carpet

Throughout the game room, gym, and yoga studio, we installed high-density carpet tiles made from recycled plastic bottles. High-pile carpet is extremely durable and eco-friendly because of its absorbency.

Energy Efficient

Beyond plastic and paper, our facility and manufacturing processes have been modernized to improve energy efficiency, cutting our usage in half!

An employee watering plants
A plant on the front desk
A conference table up close

Reclaimed Materials

To furnish the inside of our new space, we used as many reclaimed and recycled items as possible. This includes reclaimed wood for wall features, desks, tables, walkways, and even full offices. Upstairs, our main conference room required a table that could handle large meetings of up to 20-30 people, so we sourced two recycled bowling alley lanes and turned them into an extra-large conference table. Keeping the original elements of the dots, arrows, and foul lines, we sanded down the wood and stained the table with dark walnut to match the other finishing’s in the facility.

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