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What differentiates FifthColor's website development?

Our developers create digital transformations through custom and pre-crafted website and app designs that integrate branding and are fully search engine optimized to deliver the best results. While our design team enhances the user experience through thoughtful designs that accurately represent the brand's personality and appeal to the user.


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Website Maintenance

Maintenance is important to keep your website content relevant and up-to-date. Our team maintains websites by contract, running monthly maintenance reports and applying best practices to ensure the website performs to its best ability. Maintenance contracts may include development changes to your site so you can continue to customize your user experience.

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Pre-Crafted Websites

A pre-crafted website provides a hassle-free, hands-off process with an expedited timeline. We begin by outlining the project to determine page flow. Then, using our team of UI/UX experts, we build the interface to match your brand. After that, our team will work with you to place your content before setting your new website live!

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best way to outrank your competition with a comprehensive approach utilizing development, keyword, and social media strategy knowledge. What You Recieve: Website Architecture, Competitor Benchmarking, Google Ranking Factor Analysis, Content Strategy, Backlink Audit & Strategy, Keyword Research & Strategy, Monthly Reporting & Analytics.

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Custom Website Development

Our proven process begins with a full immersion into your needs through our discovery scoping phase. We follow this by researching and planning before providing you with a high-fidelity website design and wireframe. Once this is approved, we are able to offer a flat-rate for development. Once the process is complete, we help to set your new website live!

Pre-Crafted Website Process

Outline Project

Client supplies text and imagery content. Establish the goals of the project and determine page flow. Review of current website and content.

Scope of Work

Documentation of project goals, estimated timeline, and page content. Client approval is needed.

Build the Interface

Using our team of UI/UX experts, we will create a site design that matches your brand.

Design Proof

Review of page layout with content populated. Client approval is needed.

Populate with Content & Launch

Our team will work with you to place in supplied content, such as text, photos, and videos. FifthColor takes the website live! We train clients to make their own website edits and guide the hosting process.

Live Website

We will pass over the site access to the client. The client would then be responsible for website edits and updates.

Custom Development Process

Project Definition

Our proven process begins with a full immersion into your needs through our discovery scoping phase. This phase includes a website scoping meeting and questionnaire to better understand the scope of the project.


Development is quoted after design when there is an approved design of the site to develop. This includes translating the design into code in a development environment. Content and images will be placeholder unless provided by the client or the designer is contracted to curate or populate the content.

Research & Planning

Includes the scoping of the project and a website scope document deliverable. The client must approve the website scope prior to proceeding with Phase 3.


FifthColor performs a final audit of the site to check for and repair any bugs or fixes. We then work with the domain provider to set the site live!


Includes a full website design with placeholder text and images, unless otherwise provided by the client. If pages are duplicated, the designer may deem it unnecessary to replicate all of the individual uses of that page. The scope design document allows you to see and navigate your site before it is even developed. This design must be signed off on prior to moving to development.


When your site is ready to go live, our team will provide resources to help you select the right hosting provider for your needs. Our sites are warrantied for bug fixes for six months post launch. We also offer retainer packages to support any ongoing website maintenance or desired development changes.

Our web designs and development process will integrate your branding and deliver the best results. Are you ready to transform your online presence?


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Torke Coffee

Our team designed and built a new website leveraging our in-house, certified UI/UX experts, award-winning design team, and SEO strategy team. The top 25% of eCommerce sites convert at 5.3%. Since the launch, Torke's website has held a 6.55% conversion rate!

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Within the first year of our SEO efforts, Huberty increased their visibility to 15 percent. With this, their average visibility increased over 12%, putting them ahead of their competitors in both average position and number of keywords.