What is Website Maintenance, and Why Does a Website Require It?

Website maintenance refers to the ongoing process of consistently updating and monitoring the pages of a website to ensure that it is functioning properly. This entails several different checks, including security, user experience, design, and loading speeds.

FifthColor’s full-service strategy and development teams maintain websites by contract, running monthly maintenance reports and applying best practices to verify the website performs to its best ability. Maintenance contracts may include development changes to a website to continue customizing the user experience.

FifthColor’s website maintenance contracts allow clients to properly promote their brand, attract new customers, share their vision, and more. So, here are FIVE of the top reasons why a website requires maintenance:


Prior to building a website, developers must decide what software and technology is best for a client. Regardless, technologies like plugins, themes, and other software components are constantly evolving. If these technologies are not maintained or updated, they can stop working altogether. A website maintenance contract ensures that all components of the site are compatible and continue working correctly with the latest updates across web browsers, devices, platforms, and operating systems.


Websites are vulnerable to security threats like hacking and malware attacks. According to Patchstack, approximately 56% of all internet traffic is from automated sources such as hacking tools, spammers, and bots. Additionally, plugins and themes require up-to-date security patches and fixes. Regular website maintenance can help prevent these types of attacks and guarantee the website is safe and secure.


Without regular maintenance and updates, a website can become dull and outdated from the viewpoint of a user. As technology continues to engage the function of marketing, website maintenance remains crucial in its role. Maintenance tasks such as optimizing website speed, fixing broken links, and optimizing images contribute to better website performance. A well-performing website or landing page can be vital to search engine rankings, traffic increases, conversions, and an overall successful marketing campaign. Maintaining a secure and exciting digital presence will continue a steady flow of website traffic.


A website’s content must be updated regularly to keep it relevant, fresh, and up to date. This includes adding new pages or blog posts, updating images and videos, and ensuring all links work correctly. Regular maintenance allows a business to add new content, update existing information, and remove outdated or irrelevant content as objectives or details change. This ensures that visitors find accurate and valuable information when visiting a website.

User Experience.

Regular maintenance can help improve the website’s performance, such as page load speed and mobile responsiveness, which can significantly impact user experience and search engine rankings. All website elements including navigation menus, forms, contact information, and multimedia content contribute to the user experience of a website. If the user experience is properly maintained, it encourages visitors to stay longer, explore more pages, and take desired actions.

There are many reasons that a website requires maintenance, including functionality, security, and performance. FifthColor’s website maintenance contracts tackle all the above and ensure website visitors have a positive experience.

Reach out to our website development team to get started on a maintenance retainer that’s right for your business!

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