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Having a superior product and understanding your target audience isn’t always enough to close the sale. We strategized with Bemis Manufacturing to create a customized business-to-business strategy that helped secure a big deal. This was achieved by forming a custom target marketing strategy with a strong emphasis on social media advertising and creative print.


Bemis Manufacturing has revolutionized grocery shopping carts with an all-polymer frame. Not only has their cart created a greater shopping experience for the customer, but it also saves grocers time and money on repairs. The shopping cart was designed, the target grocers were chosen, and carts were ready to roll. They just needed help getting through the door.

The Approach

Bemis’s sales team had two specific accounts they were targeting, and despite having several conversations, they were never able to breakthrough. At FifthColor, we stepped in, taking our data-driven marketing approach and account targeting the two businesses.

Bemis Cart Kitting Box
T a r g e t
The Solution

We started by conducting extensive research to determine their current pain points. Our certified UI/UX designers and developers built dedicated landing pages focused on those pain points and how Bemis can help. To lead the accounts to those pages, we built Google Ad campaigns targeting decision-makers and the staff. To wrap it up, we sent product kits that included sales materials and a mini cart to visualize their potential investment in 3-D. After the campaign concluded, FifthColor helped the Bemis sales team reach back out with different sales materials to seal the deal.

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