New Balance 574 Core

A reimagined campaign for the first sustainable 574 Core curated in under one week.

Our goal was to create engaging content backed by data that targets Gen Z with the message hierarchy of Lifestyle > Sustainability > Brand.

Gen Z cares about sustainability, as 75% prefer to purchase sustainably rather than buying brand names.

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The Ask

At FifthColor, we develop concepts extremely quickly. We were challenged to come up with a campaign concept for the New Balance 574 Core in under one week, all while serving our existing clients. 

For this project, we split up into three different teams to explore multiple campaign concepts backed by data. Then, we took the best concepts and delivered them to the client.

The Approach

We started with data gathering, analysis, strategy, filming, designing, and editing.

Our data showed that the best platform for this campaign was TikTok and Instagram since Gen Z accounts for over 60% of TikTok users and is 27.4 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners.

The Outcome

The campaign targets Gen Z aged 14-24 years old because of their tech-savvy, game-changing style, and affliction for the 1980s style that is coming back. The campaign highlights different “lives” you can experience in the sustainable sneaker. Putting lifestyle and sustainability before the brand supports our finding that 75% of Gen Z prefer to purchase sustainably rather than buying brand names.

It's in our Sole

Labeled the first “digital natives” by McKinsey and Co., but also known as the TikTok generation, most members of Gen Z are now in their mid-20s and are generally tech-savvy and accustomed to making informed purchasing decisions.

Our TikTok video ads highlight love, friendship, mindfulness, and more in an organic way, showing the happy feelings that Gen Z strives for in a relationship, friendship, and within themselves.


Someone running with New Balance shoes

Global events have a way of shaping our spending habits. The COVID-19 Pandemic taught Gen Z to do less, spend less, and waste less during this time. This campaign highlights the “little” things that make Gen Z the game changers and sustainability drivers, including wearing the 547 Core that aligns with their beliefs.

New Balance Mindfulness
New Balance Sustainability

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