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  • Salm Partners “We partnered with FifthColor to assist with recruiting for our additional production line. With their help we were able to bring an additional 75 new employees to our organization within a few weeks, even during the Covid 19 pandemic. FifthColor’s innovative and responsive team helped to increase our brand awareness, create an inviting and easy to use website, and implement an effective social media campaign to get our message out to the community.”
  • Nathan Yineman, client since 2019



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Salm Partners, a world-class manufacturer, needed to attract more employees, as they were growing year-over-year. Our creative agency helped find the perfect partners through videography, photography, web development, print, and targeted social and digital marketing.


Salm Partners was looking for a new website. In our initial discussions, we also learned they were building a second facility and would need to hire more employees. They have a constant recruitment need to fill positions like production workers, machine operators, and palletizers, but attracting talent isn't easy. So, they trusted us to help find elite partners to produce their premium sausages and hot dogs.

The Approach

To attract talented partners to the organization, we needed to reach the right audience. Through targeted social media advertising, we announced various job openings on Facebook. We know the power of testimonials. Salm employees are passionate about their work, so we let them speak for themselves by filming several testimonial videos to use in each campaign.

Employment Ad for Salm Partners
The Outcome

Using a mix of static and dynamic ads, we created every advertisement in English and Spanish to cater to a wide array of talent looking to join their diverse and supportive team. We accompanied these ads with supporting media and production for local TV and radio spots. In the first month, our ads saw double the average click-through rate on Facebook. By the end of the campaign, Facebook ads contributed over 40% of traffic to position-specific job applications. Our work continues to positively impact the company in its digital presence and recruitment efforts. According to Salm Partners, they have never had such a high level of employees.

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