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  • Sheboygan Area School District “I was impressed with their professionalism as a team. They knew inside and out how to develop a brand strategy and what that process looked like from research to how to roll it out. I was also impressed by the very personal approach. I never felt as if I was just a client. Every time we had an interaction, I felt like I was THEIR client as opposed to just a number.”
  • Seth Harvatine, Client since 2019


BAV Analysis

Brand Strategy

Implementation Strategy


Web Development

Social Marketing

Creative Design



The Sheboygan Area School District, comprised of 22 schools, was facing declining enrollment. They needed a brand strategy and strategic marketing plan to lead them in the right direction and showcase their diverse offering of schools and customized programs.


Sheboygan Area School District was losing enrollment to other districts. The district lacked communication about the different education styles and services they offer their students. Their brand was out of date and in major need of a brand strategy to realign with their community. That's where we stepped in.

The Approach

We hit the pavement and talked to board members, management, teachers, and staff, which allowed us to build a brand strategy that was accurate and actionable. On top of talking to 137 focus groups, we executed a full BAV Analysis, which is prominent for consumer-focused brands. As a data-driven agency, we conducted our analysis in three languages to reach everyone in this diverse district.

BAV Analysis
teacher and student

25 Hours of Interviews

137 Focus Group Participants

25 Websites Designed & Developed

The Solution

We delivered an extensive marketing and communication strategy along with an actionable implementation strategy, and we didn't stop there.

We designed a logo that reflects the entire school district's principles while developing the district website alongside its 25 schools. Our print team delivered high-quality, large-scale signage and wall vinyls for each school, which helped SASD define their brand and marketing direction to guide them for future success.

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