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A successful recycling program rollout for a city of over 50,000 residents.

Nearly 80% of website visitors were new, showing that outbound marketing helped reach new residents in the city.

The top-performing informational video on YouTube had nearly 4,000 views.

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The Ask

The city approached us in early 2019 looking for help in successfully transitioning to a cart-based recycling program. With over 50,000 residents to reach in under nine months, our team dove into an immersive brand strategy for the department.

The Approach

Following the brand strategy for the department, we started the custom website design and development process and marketing strategy creation. Our team worked closely with Recycling Partnership to create a combination of printed materials, direct mailers, videos, social media advertising, and blog posts to communicate the details of the new program properly.

The Outcome

Our team helped the city establish Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram accounts to help reach its audience and inform residents about the new program. In 2020, the City of Sheboygan DPW’s Facebook saw 2,040 new followers and over 15.4K minutes of viewed video content. Our paid advertising served over 549,123 impressions on Facebook and Instagram. During the automated garbage and recycling rollout in April and May alone, almost 20,000 unique visitors visited the site with an average session duration of over 2 minutes.

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THe new recycling program increased recycling tonnage by 13%! 
That’s a total of 112+ tons and over four pounds of recyclables per household.

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Sheboygan DPW Recycling Bins


With the help of FifthColor’s marketing team and The Recycling Partnership, The Public Works Department was the recipient of three awards in 2020. The awards are recognition for their dedication to the vision of providing a professional Public Works organization that will offer quality infrastructure and services to make Sheboygan a desirable place.

American Public Works Association Project of the Year Award


American Public Works Association William J. Rheinfrank Award


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Recycling Excellence Award


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