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  • Torke Coffee “From brand strategy to digital marketing and everything in between, FifthColor continues to exceed our expectations of quality and value. Working with FifthColor is like having our own in-house marketing team, their creativeness and responsiveness is off the charts.”
  • Jay Torke, Client Since 2018


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Torke Coffee is a Midwest regional manufacturer, supplier, and servicer of coffee, tea, and related products and equipment. This family-owned business has been a recognized brand in the Midwest since 1941 and has unparalleled customer service.


Torke was looking to update their brand identity to position themselves for the current generation of business. They wanted to expand into new markets – appeal to new customers – and increase brand reputation in a competitive space. So, they entrusted their brand to our marketing experts who dug in freshly caffeinated with Torke Coffee… for research purposes, of course.

Torke Coffee

The Approach

Our team started by drilling down, unearthing, and identifying the current brand value and position. We needed to understand where Torke was to discover where they needed to go! This took extensive research and analysis of the brand. We used our BAV analysis (Brand Asset Evaluator) which surfaced many soluble findings. Brand relevance was lacking for Torke.

Detail BAV

25 hours of focus groups

100 hours of work

474 customers interviewed

The Solution

To better resonate with consumers in a competitive marketplace, we heightened Torke’s brand relevance by identifying and highlighting their points of differentiation, elevating their customer service, and deepening community involvement through a strong Giving Back initiative we coined “Every Cup Gives.” 

Our team developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, creating a clear picture of Torke’s brand identity to help penetrate new markets, appeal to new customers, and increase their brand reputation.

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Cups of Coffee Later

Following the brand strategy presentation, our team of experts was subsequently brought on by Torke for the implementation of the strategy. Our team designed and built a new website leveraging our in-house, certified UI/UX experts, award-winning design team, and SEO strategy team. We devised a content strategy for all social channels and managed their blog, ad campaigns, and content creation. The top 25% of e-commerce sites convert at 5.3%. Since the launch, Torke's website has held a 6.55% conversion rate!

Check out Torke’s new customer experience online here.

Torke Today

Today, we continue to support Torke Coffee, helping to increase online sales and grow product and brand awareness. We support Torke with our digital marketing, strategy, creative, and website development services. A recent newsletter resulted in over $935 in revenue.

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